Sunday, October 16, 2016

How to Wear Red Lipstick

Many women, and sometimes even men, break out the red lipstick during the holiday season! So, with the holidays right around the corner, I figured this was an essential post for those who feel like they just can't pull off the striking red lipstick!

Red lipstick is a timeless and beautiful makeup product that can easily be worn the wrong way. It is classy and sophisticated and must be worn correctly in order to pull it off. 

Find Out What Shade is Right For You

Red lipstick comes in a variety of different shades. It's very easy to pick the wrong color for your skin type. 

If you have fair skin, you should find a "true red". Avoid reds with orange undertones.

Medium skin tones should look for those orangey reds. You can even wear reds that are more towards the pink side.

If you have dark skin, look for the darker shades. You can go for wine reds and even reds with purple hues.

Wear Lip Liner

Lip liner is a must with red lipstick. It locks the bold color in place so that the color will not "bleed" out onto the outer areas of your lips. Make sure to match the lip liner as well as you can to the color of the lipstick.

Makeup Choice

The other makeup products you choose to wear on your face has a lot to do with if your red lipstick will look good. Your lips will be the main part of the show - remember that. If you choose to wear eye shadow, don't wear much and choose a neutral color. Don't pack on the blush either. You don't want bright red lips and bright pink cheeks. It's just too much!

Outfit Choice

Because red is such a bold color, you will have to base your entire outfit off of the color of your lips. You never wants to wear red lipstick with an outfit that has many different colors. It's so easy for your outfit to clash with your lips. Black and browns are best color choices when wearing a red lip. A solid black dress would look awesome with a red lip. Try wearing jeans with ballet flats and a leather jacket with a red lip. Neutrals are the way to go with this bold statement. It's very easy to ruin the effect of a red lipstick with the color clothes you choose to wear. Tip - never wear pink with a red lipstick.

Pearly Whites

One thing red lipstick is very good at is accentuating teeth color. Whether your teeth are very white or very yellow, this lipstick color will make that very noticeable. I love the look of red lips, but never felt confident enough to wear it because my teeth just weren't up to my expectations. I began to whiten my teeth and it definitely helped my problem. It doesn't hurt to begin whitening your teeth regularly. A beautiful red lip will look even more gorgeous with pearly, white teeth.

Monday, October 3, 2016

"The Remover" Makeup Remover Cloth Review

 This new product called "The Remover" claims to take off all of your makeup with just warm water. I read mixed reviews about this product so I felt like I definitely had to put it to the test. I went out and got one and I just have to say after using it for about 3 weeks, I have nothing but amazing words about it. 

The instructions say to wash and dry the cloth before use. After you do that, you simply run it under warm water and start to remove your makeup with the warm cloth. 

 I was definitely a bit skeptical going into this thinking how could one cloth and just water take off all my makeup. So, I waited to try it out for the first time until I had on a full face of makeup to give it a true test. Amazingly, as you can see in the pictures above, this one cloth took off every bit of makeup I had on my face. It took about 3-5 minutes to get all of it off. I was so amazed. The most time consuming thing to wash off is mascara but it's worth it. The cloth is so gentle and doesn't tug or hurt your skin at all. The shape of the cloth is very cool as well! Because it is a long oval, it's really good for rubbing your entire face at once, if that makes sense. I wash my cloth about once a week because I only use this cloth on the days I wear makeup (about 4 days a week). I HIGHLY recommend this cloth if you're like me and absolutely despise taking off makeup at night. It makes the job enjoyable! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Makeup Brush Cheat Sheet

A lot of the time, the key to a perfect face are the tools you use to apply your makeup. A simple brush can change the way your makeup looks dramatically. If you are like me, I used to use my fingers for everything. I was intimidated by all of the different types of makeup brushes out there. Well, to help your curious mind, here is a little cheat sheet of what certain types of brushes can be used for!


Not really a brush but definitely an essential tool. This is used to apply liquid foundation and concealers. It leaves skin with a smooth and flawless finish.

Powder Brush

This brush is used to apply powder to your face. It can also be used to blend out bronzer or blush to create a more flawless look.

Kabuki Brush

These types of brushes usually look like a normal powder brush but with a very small handle. Applying bronzer is a good use for this brush as the small handle gives you more control. It can also be used like a powder brush.

Flat Contour Brush

This flat brush is an amazing tool at giving you a very chiseled contour. It gets the product right where it needs to be giving your a face a very contoured look. 

Flat Foundation Brush

Many people love using this kind of brush for applying liquid foundation. Some wet the brush before use to prevent streaks.

Domed Brush

These are essential for creating rosy cheeks! Use this brush to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. 

Duo Fiber Brush

Duo fiber brushes have many uses. It's feathery-like tip is awesome for limiting the amount of product added to your skin. You can use it to apply brush, bronzer, and even highlighter.

Angled Brush

This brush is another good brush for applying blush. It's angled bristles are perfect for adding blush to your cheeks and even good for sweeping bronzer on your cheekbones. 

Fan Brush

You can use these types of brushes to add a distinct glow to the high points of your face using highlighter. You can also use this to sweep away excess powder.

Flat Synthetic Brush

This can also have many different uses. It's good for applying concealer to the areas needed and it can also be used to pack on eye shadow to your eye lid.

Angled Eye Brush

If you are one to fill in your eyebrows, one of these will be needed in your collection! It's great for applying product to your brows.

Blending Eye Brush

The blending brush is very needed when wearing eye shadow. Using one of these to blend out any harsh lines of product on your eyes will give you a rocking eye shadow look!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

IPSY Glam Bag August 2016

For $10 a month, you can receive five full size or deluxe sample products 

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Smokey Eye Pen in Black

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Nourishing Argon Oil of Morocco Deep Conditioner

Sally's Box
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20100 maximatte crayon lipstick in Intimacy

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Monday, August 8, 2016

DIY Gold Accent Vase

This is a quick little DIY that I created when I was just sitting in my room one morning. I had a simple glass vase that was just sitting on a shelf in my room! I had nothing to put in it so it was just an empty and boring vase with no purpose! I figured I needed to act on it fast to bring that little sucker to life. I went searching around my house for something that could do just that to that poor little vase. Spray paint? No.. Flowers? No.. Duct tape? YES!


I found some gold glittery duct tape waiting to be used! It was perfect for that vase! I simply took strips of that tape and placed it where I wanted on the vase. It was the perfect addition to my room. I sat it back on the shelf and it was amazing how much it added to my bedroom


It's definitely crazy what a little bit of imagination can do to something. A very quick and easy post but definitely one of my favorites!

Liquid Foundation vs. Powder Foundation

I consider myself to be the type of girl that enjoys wearing makeup on most days of the week! I like to wake up early, have time to myself and sit at my vanity to put my makeup on for the day. With my senior year of high school beginning soon, I wanted to get as much sleep as I could and didn't want to have to wake up an hour earlier to do my makeup, but, I also wanted my face to look as though I had makeup on. So, I was kind of in a predicament deciding whether I should wake up earlier to get the look I wanted or to just go without makeup on. Well, I found a solution!

I've always watched tutorials and videos of others using something called "powder foundation" but I had never tried it myself! I always liked the way my skin looked when I used liquid foundation. But, with school creeping around the corner, I figured it was time to try something new that could speed up my makeup application in the mornings! Powder foundation was definitely the way to go. I compared the two types of foundations, liquid and powder, to help you get an idea of what you think you would rather!

Liquid Foundation

I find that liquid foundation gives me more of a matte look, which I like especially when my skin is feeling a bit oily. It gives amazing coverage and fills lines and wrinkles helping them to look less noticeable. Liquid foundations could work for most skin types. You can easily find one that will work for your specific needs. There are so many different kinds of them such as ones that help your face stay matte, ones that help your face look dewy, and even some with SPF in it to provide protection for your face.

  • Excellent coverage
  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Easier to apply and blend
  • Takes more time 
  • Can get messy
  • May clog pores and cause acne

Powder Foundation

Powder Foundation has become my best friend recently, I have tried both mineral and pressed powder foundation and find that I get a lot more coverage when using a mineral foundation. It helps me get the look I want without the hassle and mess of liquid foundation. It takes patience as you have to apply layer after layer until you get the look desired but is well worth it when you see your skin looks flawless but also looks like you have no makeup on at all! I feel as though powder foundation would be best for oily skin types as it will help absorb and control your facial oils. Using it on dry skin can accentuate the dryness causing dry patches. 

  • Provides a more natural look
  • Absorbs oil so helps your face stay matte
  • Can be reapplied throughout the day
  • Not as messy
  • Requires a brush which can be challenging for beginners
  • May settle into lines and wrinkles

Bare Face
Powder Foundation
Liquid Foundation


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Let's be honest, most of us probably say we clean our makeup brushes more than we actually do. Some of us may not even clean our makeup brushes at all! But cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is an essential thing to do for you makeup lovers who wear makeup daily and especially those with acne prone skin. 

Three Reasons to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Old Makeup

Each day you add more product to those brushes. All of that old makeup builds up day after day and then you continue to rub those brushes onto your face which is a huge no-no.

Dead Skin Cells

As gross as it sounds, dead skin cells fall off your face each time you rub a brush onto your face. It is important to rid those skin cells off of your brushes.

Bacteria and Oil

Bacteria and Oil are huge factors in acne. Bacteria and oil can clog your pores causing you to get unwanted breakouts. Leaving your brushes sitting can cause bacteria to build up and oil is caused by the constant rubbing on your face.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

What You Will Need

Dish Soap
Olive Oil (optional)

Cleaning Process

Fill a bowl with room temperature water. Add a few drops of dish soap to the water. You can also add Olive Oil into the solution to condition your brushes as some believe the soap dries out the bristles, but that is completely optional. Mix the solution together until the soap has spread completely. Dip your makeup brush into the bowl and gently rub the bristles onto the palm of your hand. You will see that the product that was on your brush easily rubs off onto your hand! You can gently rinse the brush with clean water and then repeat the process until you feel your brush is as clean as you can get it. To dry, you can lay out a wash cloth and let your brushes sit and dry completely. It is important not to rub your brushes on the wash cloth as that can ruin the bristles.